In these uncertain times, especially in South Africa, where the electricity price is forever increasing and where load-shedding is a constant, imminent and unpredictable threat to the functioning of our homes as well as our businesses, more and more people and business owners are looking at solar solutions to either reduce their reliance on our electricity grid, or eliminate it in it entirety, through the use of solar power.

 Solar power or solar electricity is electricity generated from solar energy. Solar panels that we use at our homes/offices do this through the photovoltaic effect, which is the process whereby radiation in sunlight is converted to electricity in a solar cell. This is the way that most residential/corporate solar panels and residential/corporate solar solutions work.

 Through constant research, development and improvements in the solar energy field, it is now entirely possible to power an entire household using solar electricity.

At DBS we offer load-shedding solutions (for use only when there is no electricity being provided to the home/office) as well as full solar solutions (for constant use to the home/office to either reduce or completely eliminate your use of normal electricity).

With the expertise and assistance of our solar experts at DBS, this truly is now a viable option for those who want to go completely “off the grid” and/or drastically reduce their electricity bills.

The cost of such an installation, as well as the viability of going completely “off the grid” will differ from one home to the next and it is recommended that you contact us in order to arrange a site visit so that a formal quotation can be provided.