Hosted CCS Buildsmart

BuildSmart is a Construction Enterprise Accounting system that integrates Costing, Project Accounting and Enterprise Accounting for real-time analysis and effective construction management. We offer this award winning software on our highly available infrastructure and call it, Hosted CCS Buildsmart.

BuildSmart is used by large multinational construction enterprises as well as smaller organizations in some of the most demanding construction environments in the world.

BuildSmart manages all sources of project cost – Materials Procurement, Payroll, Subcontractors, Plant, Stock and Overheads allowing the construction business to track all costs by Contract, and by both Activity and Cost type, all in real-time. Four ledgers are used: Contracts, Overheads, Plant and Balance Sheet to provide the detail that effective construction business management requires. BuildSmart works effectively in multi-currency environments.

BuildSmart allows information to be entered where it produced – at the site or in the office, and to be processed and viewed wherever in the world a secure web-based connection is available through a strict and secure permission based system.