Onsite and Offsite Data Backups

We live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, but unfortunately, South Africa’s less than perfect basic service infrastructure mixed with it’s high crime statistics, don’t make the ideal platform on which to build a reliable and always available IT infrastructure making Onsite and Offsite Data Backups and absolute necessity. Our Onsite and Offsite Data Backups take this knowledge into account during the design phase so that you, the client, do not succumb to these factors in a way that negatively affects your Data or it’s availability.

At DBS Technology, we understand the South African landscape and the fact that your data is arguably one of your most important assets and as such, have implemented a highly evolved and reliable suite of backup solutions, using a wide range of software and hardware vendors tailor made for all types of businesses and data, designed specifically to protect your intellectual property and to manage your business continuity.

DBS Tech offer:

Cloud based Push Backups with point-in-time file restoration

Off-site physical backups with Retention at DBS Technology’s Data Centre.

On-site physical backups on multiple media formats

Data Recovery form damaged drives and RAID systems

Site Replication using existing or custom-built infrastructure

First Line Support from DBS Technology is standard on all our Backup Solutions and are closely managed and supported by our Technical Department allowing for very quick data recovery and retrieval times.