Internet Access in South Africa

DBS Technology provides multiple Internet Access solutions which allows us to offer coverage in almost all areas of South Africa and redundant connectivity for mission critical services where required.

As an ISP and infrastructure design company, DBS Technology can supply a variety of access speeds based on both local and international browsing requirements over a multitude of access mediums.

Within todays data hungry environment, it is critical that your organization has stable, fast and reliable connectivity that fits your requirements but also your budget.

Internet Access Services Provided

Broadband Fibre

Dedicated Fibre

Broadband Fibre with segmented local & international bandwidth

Microwave Link with Broadband or Dedicated Backhaul

Point to Point Links over private or public infrastructure

ADSL Connectivity


Built-to-specification VPN infrastructure including managed hardware

First Line Support from DBS Technology is standard on all our connectivity solutions and are closely managed and supported by our Technical Department.

Fibre – South Africa’s Latest Technological Advancement

At this stage, South Africans have become aware of the fibre technology that is now available throughout the country. With all the digging that has been taking place around most houses and complexes, it has been almost impossible to ignore. Some South Africans have been upset by the disturbance of the digging, possibly not quite realising the extent of the upgrade that fibre would implement. Fibre isn’t just a technology fad, but rather connectivity for the future. Unlike older technologies which use copper cables, fibre provides users with a permanent connection that will never let you down. Especially in South Africa, where copper cables are prone to interference and theft, the reliability of fibre is something that will be sought-after. Fibre won’t be replaced easily or anytime soon, as it is representing the next shift in technology, moving data at incredibly high speeds with reliable connectivity. Fibre has been described as bottomless with a possibly endless potential. It uses glass or plastic fibres to transmit data.

The need for reliable connectivity is becoming increasing more of a necessity with so many products being developed to work with an internet connection. Approaching connectivity as a utility, much like water and electricity, is advancing internet connectivity in the workplace as well as in schools. Fibre connectivity is also enabling an accelerated approach to implementing a mobile workforce, where businesses may no longer want to operate solely from offices. As fibre is implemented more and more, South Africans will have much better access to Wi-Fi and cellular services, as well as improved delivery of these services. Fibre technology is becoming more generally available in business precincts and suburbs across South Africa, generating a state and capacity of its presence in the country.