Hosted Exchange

Our Hosted Exchange solution is a fully managed, secure and multi-tenanted solution delivered from the cloud. It offers businesses of any size access to the business-class email and collaborative functionality of Microsoft Exchange on a pay-as-you-go cloud-based model.

This solution offers a fully managed Microsoft Exchange environment that is hosted in our fully redundant data centre. This enables your employees to access their emails, contacts, task lists and documents from anywhere, through any connected device. All technical aspects are managed offsite by a team of highly-skilled, specialist engineers.

What is driving the need for email management?

Email and other messaging capabilities are critical to the communication, collaboration and file transport capabilities of most organisations

Email has in some respects become a utility like electricity. For example, the typical information worker spends 165 minutes per day doing work in their email client/interface

Email is currently the most important single tool that the typical user employs

Moreover, email is so critical to the operation of any organisation that it no longer provides any substantive competitive differentiation between companies

Like other utilities, the goal is to: » Ensure that service remains available as close to 100% of the time as possible » Provide it as inexpensively as possible

For many organisations, managing email internally is a thing of the past, just like producing one’s own electricity is a concept of the past


Why Hosted Exchange?

Increases employee productivity

Supports your mobility strategy

Reduces costs

Improves efficiency

Ensures regulatory compliance

Safeguards vital information

Supports BYOD trend


Maximises IT resources


Key features

Exchange provides not just your mail and all of your email folders, but your Calendar appointments, Contacts, Notes and Tasks

With one single client connected to Exchange, you can keep all of these artefacts in sync

The ability to have all of this information stored, integrated and backed up in one central location is hugely beneficial

The ability to have all information on the Exchange server sent to many mobile devices in near real-time

No need to worry about a manual send and receive function, nor the need to synchronise clients with the Exchange server: it simply stays in sync

Support for Outlook Web access, mobile devices, global address books and more

If you’re on the road and want to always be up to date with your email, contacts, appointments, notes and tasks, Hosted Exchange paired with the right mobile device can definitely boost productivity